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PHP Programmer

Doug Hockinson's primary focus is on a custom content management system which offers a wide range of features and is deployed on more than 100 websites. Each web page is comprised of text or HTML markup entered in various fields in a MySQL™ database table. The PHP scripting language is used to retrieve the properties of the requested page ID and send a compressed HTML document to the web browser, on-the-fly. No static HTML pages exist in the system.

Colorado Web Designer

Doug Hockinson works primarily for Cymax Media, LLC. For your website design needs, please call Cymax Media at (303) 681-2020 or visit Also check out our shared Client List.

PHP Form Generator
Twitter Bootstrap version released March 2013

Demo & Information available at

View the PHP Form Generator Demo

Open Source contributions include having written most of the phpMyEdit Documentation and assisting in debugging the phpMyEdit class file.

Doug's first computer programming experience dates back to the 1981 release of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A having only 256-Kb memory!.

Past work related programming experience includes developing a quote system in a manufacturing environment where employees were spending 30 minutes on bid preparation (automated methods reduced the required time to about 2 minutes). Prior programming experience includes database development for human resources and general accounting applications.

Doug Hockinson currently provides web hosting to the following, randomly selected businesses.

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