5.2. phpMyEdit-slide

phpMyEdit-slide can create slideshow with ability to view and/or edit records. Everytime is exactly one record shown. Record can be displayed in view or edit mode. View mode looks like "view" functionality in normal phpMyEdit, change mode looks like "change" functionality in normal phpMyEdit.

The only difference is that two buttons, Prev and Next, are displayed in addition to common view/edit buttons to provide ability of going to the next or previous record. This extension purpously disable "add", "copy", "delete", and "table listing" functionalities.

Here are configuration variables related to extension. All of these phpMyEdit-slide options are optional.

  $opts['ext']['rec'] -- primary key value of record to display initially
  $opts['ext']['next_disable'] -- disable Next button
  $opts['ext']['prev_disable'] -- disable Prev button

Following variables are not options, but they are used internally by extension. They can be used for getting some information for example in triggers.

  $opts['ext']['next'] -- primary key value of next record
  $opts['ext']['prev'] -- primary key value of previous record

To use this extension you have to include extensions/phpMyEdit-slide.class.php file and call new phpMyEdit_slide($opts) instead of common phpMyEdit class file.

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