3.4. Permission options

Commonly used options include:

  A -- add
  C -- change
  P -- copy
  V -- view
  D -- delete
  F -- filter (search)
  I -- initial sort suppressed

Table listing is always enabled, since all actions are executed from this screen. But it is possible to get specific behaviours without table listing using appropriate phpMyEdit extension. See Extensions chapter for more information.

Full privileges to manipulate records are configured as:

Example 3-11. Full permissions

$opts['options'] = 'ACPVDF';

To deny the user the ability to delete records use:

Example 3-12. Full permissions without delete

$opts['options'] = 'ACPVF';

To limit the user to view, sort, list, or filter records use this:

Example 3-13. Read only permissions

$opts['options'] = 'VFL'; 

In a multi-user environment, it would be wise to only provide the system administrator with the ability to delete records.

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