phpMyEdit based PHP Form Generator - MySQL Table Editor - wrapped in Bootstrap for mobile friendly display of data

If you have previously used the phpMyEditSetup script, this is similar but HIGHLY configurable. Invest a little time to become familiar with this app and you will save a LOT of time later on. Various scripts have been optimized in an attempt to take advantage of HTML5 and Bootstrap v4+.

Select a database connection:


This app allows users to configure multiple databases. Only one database is configured for this demo.

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Several tables appearing in this demo were created and populated by importing CSV files. On purpose, a few tables were not altered to set Column 0 as an auto incremented primary key field.

This is a phpMyEdit-based project, modified for Bootstrap v4, PHP v5-7 compatibility, and MySQL™ Improved Connection Method.

No user authentication exists (i.e. place this project in a password protected directory. In cPanel, use Directory Privacy for single user access).

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